Rogers ( Fradd ) Mary

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Rogers ( Fradd ) Mary

Passed away on Dec. 5th 2021, Dearly loved wife to Max ( Dec ), Loving mother to Shane, Leanne, Brendan, Julie & Families. A Service will be held at St Patrick’s Church Stawell on Monday Dec. 20th 2021 at 1.30pm followed by burial at the Stawell Cemetery. Covid Restrictions will apply. Live Streaming will be available via our website.


  1. You are my beloved Mother-in-law, thank you for living with us for the last few years, you are sorely missed by Shane & I.
    Loved and missed by all your grandchildren and their partners: Erin & Emrys, Alison, Anna & Greydon, and step grandchildren: Lis & David, Jon & Kelsey and Jo.
    Adored Grandma Mary to Sebastian, Gabriel, Lacey, Abbie, Alistair, Huxley, Eleanor and Tristan.
    Badger and Dobra have been lost without you and your lunch left-overs.
    You will never be forgotten.
    Rest peacefully, reunited with your beloved husband Max.
    Love always your daughter-in-law Chris

  2. RIP dear Mary. Long time friend of June & Ray Neville (both dec). We have very fond memories of both Mary and Max. Sincere condolences to Mary’s family from The Neville families xx

    • Hi Lyn, thank you for your condolences. We definitely remember June & Ray, great friends of Mary & Max. Thank you for your condolences on behalf of the family.

    • Thank you Lyn, the whole family appreciates your kind words.

  3. Hi our beautiful Gran, it’s your grand daughters Lauren and Renee
    We thought we would write you a poem for the things we want to say
    We wish we could be there by your side to give you a big hug and kiss
    But with all these COVID 19 times, we are left to just reminisce
    When we think of all our moments together, our heart fills with so much joy
    To be two of your 9 grand daughters and best not forget the boy!
    We got to spend so much time with you growing up with just a single mum
    Mum knew you were always there for her and credit both of you for the people we’ve become
    We feel so grateful to have these generation of women who have given us so much love
    To empower us to thrive in this world to always strive above
    We have such fond memories in Stawell, hanging with the horses and shovelling poo
    And you would always be by our side to use the scary outdoor loo
    We’d spend our days out on the farm with joyful Belle and Laurenee
    The horses would always try eat laurens hair thinking it was hay
    You always had our favourite foods when we would come and stay
    Your sponge cake and delicious roast would be gone in just one day
    You would carve it up with that trusty knife that you would sharpen on the street
    There was nothing more delicious than your potatoes and juicy meat
    The skills acquired as a publicans wife in natimuk and then in Stawell
    Grandad Max was quite the entrepreneur, he could do it all
    We have little memory of grandad as we were quite young when he passed away
    So loved to hear your stories of him, so we knew him more in someway
    You always had the most amazing nails, and would be disappointed at the state of ours
    You bribed us 5 bucks to grow them out but they’d be chewed up within hours
    We loved exploring your magical garden, your flowers were just Devine
    It was your special place to go to, nurturing your roses in the sunshine
    There was this special rose, a mr lincoln from memory
    It had this striking red appearance and the biggest bloom you’d ever see
    The rose reminds us of the love we feel, and will always remind us of you
    The universal meaning of love, a love that is eternally true
    We love you more than words can say and miss you every day
    You are forever in our hearts our 5 foot nothing Gran as you’d like to say

  4. Thank you mum for giving us life, love and beautiful memories xx

    Forever in our thoughts and hearts

    Leanne, Terry
    Lauren & Gary
    Renee, Matt & Brooklyn

  5. Mum, you will be sadly missed by all of us in WA…

    I thank you for your love and support throughout my life (and the occasional backhander which I so richly deserved).

    I’m sure you’re now with dad, as it should be. This being your one true desire since his passing.

    With love from Brendan, Catherine, Ashlee, Jaimi and Casey x

  6. My Deepest Sympathy to all Mary’s family. 83 years ago today “Uncle Dick” (your Grandfather) drove my Mum to Charlton for my birth so Mary has been part of my life all these years. I have some great memories but will just share 3.
    Mary and I used to collect the “free range eggs” on the farm, take them back into the “egg” room out back, handwash , dry and then pack them as this was part of Mary’s income on the farm. How those eggs were never hardboiled in the heat I will never know. Another special time July 1986 was to celebrate my Mother’s (Auntie Bella Wright) 90th birthday Maurice, Bernadette and Mary drove to Sydney to attend the party It was their one and only holiday together and they did have fun. Lastly I stayed in Charlton with Bernadette, Don and Craig and Bernadette and I drove over to Horsham to stay the night with Mary. We had a great dinner at the hotel, talked for literally hours and in the morning Mary stood at her front gate surrounded by her beautiful garden and waved us goodbye. This is a memory I will always treasure.

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