Live Streaming

Times have changed and so have we. The need and desire to Live- Stream Funerals has skyrocketed due to the Covid -19 epidemic and we have had to learn to produce this service to the many people that cannot attend. At all times we will do our best to stream the best quality picture available. Sometimes due to weather/wind , the Internet connection in the area we stream from and the acoustics of the venue sometimes this can cause problems. If the internet connection drops out or will not work we will always record the service and have this up on our Website but please be patience. This is a free service that we offer so family and friends can view the service during these trying times. Our Livestreaming of the service normally will appear in the screen about 10 minutes prior to the start of the service and will continue for about 10 minutes after the service finishes. Please turn up the volume on your device.

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